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Climbing in Snowdonia


How do you know if God is calling you?

For many people "the call" is a growing awareness that becoming a religious is the best thing for them to do with their life. It may be the best way they can use their gifts at the service of God and others. For some "the call" is sudden and for others it is a gradual process.

 Before entering religious life you would be asked to reflect on and discern this call with an experienced member of the order.

What part does prayer play in your daily life?

The relationship with God is central to the life of a religious and like all important relationships we have to give it time and space.

Every day each one of us gives a substantial amount of time to personal prayer. We pray and reflect together as communities every day, and each religious is encouraged to spend time in retreat. This means taking a longer period of time for prayer and reflection, often in silence (usually 8 days).

What kind of a commitment does a community ask for?

Religious make a life commitment to their particular order. The preparation for this commitment is long and designed to help both an individual and the order see if the life suits you. This is done in stages and with guidance. It can take up to ten years before you are asked to make a life commitment. At any time up to that point an individual can leave the order or be asked to leave. More information on this process can be found at Stages of becoming an RSCJ.

What qualifications do I need?

We would expect someone to have completed secondary education and have work experience, experience of independent living and to be open to further personal and professional development.

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