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Climbing in Snowdonia


Do you wear a habit?

The stereotype of a nun or monk is of them wearing a special kind of uniform called a habit. Some orders do wear special kinds of dress particularly for prayer.

Most orders such as the RSCJ wear ordinary clothes with a cross or special badge to identify them as members of the Society.

Do you have any freedom?

As with any life choice, choosing one way of life excludes other ways of life. Religious life is something we choose freely. In religious orders people choose to put their gifts, experience, time and love at the service of God and other people. Within that framework, there is plenty of scope for creativity, initiative and responsibility.

Matters are discussed in community and decisions made together. We commit ourselves to one another and the group commits itself to us. There are plenty of opportunities for free time, relaxation and hobbies and holidays. RSCJ also like to stay in touch with friends and family and are involved in their lives.

Do you keep your own money?

Religious freely choose to live with all things in common. This means that whatever someone earns or is given is pooled for the benefit of the whole community and to support the work of the order.

We do not hold personal bank accounts or private money. Each RSCJ and each community budget annually for their own living costs. Our desire is to live simply so that our resources can be shared.

What kind of work do you do?

Religious do many different kinds of work. We give our work the special name of ministry. People are encouraged to use their own gifts, skills, experience and existing qualifications and training in choosing a ministry. The Society of the Sacred Heart describes her mission as "making known the love of God through the service of education"

Do you give up sex?

Relationships with God and other people are at the heart of a religious vocation. Religious give up the genital expression of sexuality but not their capacity to relate - in fact they are encouraged to develop this capacity in religious life.

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