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Climbing in Snowdonia


What do you mean by a religious?

A religious is a man or woman who has made a commitment to give their life to God usually by living with others in a community in a religious order. Another name for a religious order is a religious congregation.

After a time of preparation, they make special kinds of promises called vows, committing themselves to living according to the Gospel and the particular call of their group.

Do you have to be a Christian?

Although we work among people of many different faiths, you do have to be a Roman Catholic Christian to be a member of The Society of the Sacred Heart

What do the initials RSCJ stand for?

The initials stand for Religieuses du Sacré-Coeur. We were founded in France and this is our french name. We have kept the initials from this.

Are all religious Roman Catholic?

No, there are also a number of Anglican communities for men and women mostly founded in the nineteenth century.

Why do people choose to join a religious community?

Each person has their own reasons. Basically people choose to give their lives to God and live that choice with others. Some say they want to do with others what they cannot do alone. People may be attracted to the life and work of a particular group. Many religious say they experienced a "call" to this way of life.

Do you have to be single?

Some people who join religious communities have been married or in long term relationships in the past. Some have children or grandchildren. However if you want to join a community you need to be free of any ties and to have no-one who is financially or emotionally dependent on you. You would need to discuss your decision with those who may be affected by it.

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