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Janet Erskine Stuart

Janet Erskine Stuart was born in Cottesmore, Rutland in 1857 and was elected superior General in 1911. She held this office for three years until her death in 1914.
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Janet Erskine Stuart, writer, educator and spiritual guide.

I sought God everywhere in His creatures

He seemed to me to be in the heart of creation drawing all things to Himself.

Once when asked what she would like to be, she answered: A teacher, I would not have minded what I taught, so long as I could have caught someone and taught them something....

I have over six thousand daughters and I love them all.

If we love well and much, we shall need no other preparation for death. Squandering ourselves and what we have on God and on our neighbour, that is the best way to prepare for it.


Lord God, we thank you for the light and love that Janet Stuart spread among us and throughout the world.


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