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Preparation for Final Profession

Before Final Profession, in Rome, we have an extended time of preparation which is known as ‘probation’.

Sisters from different parts of the world who have been accepted for final vows come together, usually for about five months for a time of study, reflection and a thirty day retreat , culminating in their profession ceremony. It is also a time of challenge as they grow together as a community, sometimes struggling and dialoguing with their differences of culture and experience.

Usually before this time each sister will have had a time of international experience, usually in a country which is very different from her own learning to understand and adapt to a different culture. All of this is a time to experience the riches and the challenge of our internationality.

Here Sister Teresa Ryden and Sr Sheila McNamara remember their own probation, and share what it means and still means to them.

Pictured above, Fatima from Spain and Magda from the Province of Peru, share in the video below about living in the Province of England and Wales, as part of their preparation for Final Profession.